New Meadows Childcare
Learning Center, LLC
150 A Congress Avenue
Bath, Maine 04530

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All of our programs focus around the belief that consistency and encouragement help children feel safe, secure and confident...

Infant Program
    With infants, changes develope quickly and it does not take long for babies to realize their actions can make things happen.  Quiet time exists where babies are fed, rocked, snuggled sung to, read to and able to rest in a private space to allow for personal sleeping patterns.
    Their space is divided into two seperate areas, one for the infants, the other for the mobile infants. Their activities and toys are chosen to encourage cognitive abilities, stimulate the senses, enhance language basics and develop motor skills.  Because babies enjoy human contact, supervised tummy time, activity and outdoor time are often shared with the older children.

     Our program accepts 8 infants.

Preschool Program
     Our Preschool program is offered to all children over the age of three.  It is a structured learning program and follows the State of Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines established by the Maine Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.  We have therefore designed our learning environment and curriculum's with these guidelines in mind.  Free play is available for a period of time in the morning as well as the afternoon and the children guided by curiosity, creativity and independence decide to do what most interests them.  Story and circle time takes place at least once daily with a period of time reserved for structured learning.  Following lunch, their space is converted to a rest area, where all children (excluding infants) gather for a period of relaxation in the quiet darkness with soft music and no added distractions

Young Toddler
      Although our program is structured, toddler's are among the world's greatest creative thinkers.  Make believe is the window through which we can observe what children are learning.  Because the Center is about them, the children will dictate what direction their program will take.  Their programs include circle time, movement and music as well as arts and crafts.
     At New Meadows we have tried to see the world  from their level and have created playrooms based on their world only on a smaller scale.  Their playrooms are filled with toys, crafts, make-believe and furniture that makes the space uniquely theirs and the sunshine and large windows fills their space with warmth.

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